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What Google wants you to know about the Motorola X


Rumors went wild when someone leaked a private event held at Google by Guy Kawasaki. This event was intended for "friends of Guy" to learn about the hottest mobile  phone to ever hit market, the Motorola X. Even before the event took place, dozens of articles were written by tech gurus speculating what this almighty X might include. But really, no one knew what was true and what was just imagination. 


All eyes are on the clock now. Tonight at Midnight EST the Motorola X will be official. If you were to go to Motorola's website right now, this is what you would see. Everything is still kept secret. Everything that you know about the moto x up until this point are just rumors. But tonight we find out what is true and what is wishful thinking.

I was able to attend that "secret meeting" held by Guy Kawasaki and learned some cool things about the moto x from Guy himself and also from Motorola's Senior Vice President of Product Management, Rick Osterloh. We can assume with all of the hype built around this secret meeting and the moto x, that what was revealed during this two-night event were the most important things about the moto x that Google and Motorola wanted us to know. So I'm going to go through and share with you point by point what we learned.


The first thing that they impressed upon us on was Motorola's new logo. The acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google was intended to bring great things to the mobile consumer. Google says on there Facts about Google's Acquistion of Motorola "Google and Motorola Mobility together will accelerate innovation and choice in mobile computing". The new logo represents this Google/Motorola relationship and seems to promise more Google from Motorola. Everything else we learned that night would enforce this message that Motorola is now part of Google and so we can expect some exciting innovation coming from them.


"Choice in mobile computing" seems to be the main point to the moto x. Rick Osterloh Gave reminded us of an old Apple product, the Mac G3. The G3 was a revolutionary move by Apple in a still new computing industry. It was the first computer that you could by in a different color. Users now had choice.

Motorola has taken this further than Apple did with the G3. User will have far more to choose from than just choosing a color. 3 words were used to give us an idea of what Motorola was attempting to do; Personal, Google, and Responsive. Sum that up and you have a very fast Android device that is yours and no one else has one like you. Let's go ahead and look at some of the key features that Google and Motorola wanted us to know.

  • X8

According to PCMag, X8 "appears to be shorthand for combining a customized Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC with two DSP's, one of which can function essentially as a low-power CPU"

  • Touchless control with Auto cancelation of noise

"Okay Google Now, call mom". Yep, that's how you do it.

  • Always on

The moto X never sleeps. This is important because Google expects us to talk to our phone. If it's sleeping, it won't listen. X8 allows the moto X to stay awake and yet preserve battery power.

  • Active Notifications

Very low processor power to show notifications on screen instead of blinking light. When you get a text, for example, the screen will light up just enough to show the notification.

  • Quick Capture

Ever been too slow pulling your camera? Give your moto X a slight shake with your hand and the camera automatically opens. Then snap a pic by tapping on the screen. Never miss a that perfect shot again.

  • Clear Pixel Camera

Rick showed us a picture of his son running through a fountain. There was no blur following the running child. The water drops from the fountain were crystal clear. This was very impressive. 

  • Skip

Extra security. Skip is a hardware accesory that allows you to bypass your passcode when you are near your skip. 

  • 4.7" display

Very compact and ergonomic, yet with a larger screen.

  • Moto Maker

Moto Maker is the Holy Grail where your order for moto X will be made. Choose from 16 different colors for your device and it's accents. Want custom accessories as well? Motorola partnered with Sol Republic so that you can order personal accessories to match your X. You will have your phone in 4 days or less. Go ahead and check it out by clicking here

  • Made is USA

The only way possible to get you your custom phone in less than 4 days. Parts are made elsewhere, but the phone is assembled in America.

Overall I was very impressed with this phone. At first it wasn't much because as a developer I've been doing some cool things with my phones for a while. But the game changer here is that you don't have to be a developer to do cool stuff with the moto X. It comes stock as a cool phone. I'll be getting mine. I show it off then.

To learn how to make your own moto X click here.

If you want to win a copy of Guy Kawasaki's new book APE then click here to enter.


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