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The Best Mobile Phone Deal I’ve Ever Gotten – Walmart Best Plans

Seriously! I’ve never had a better phone; nor have I ever had a better phone plan. With my past phones and mobile carriers, I would always find something that would disappoint me. But with my Samsung Galaxy S4 on Walmart Family Mobile, I’ve been nothing but a happy customer. I love the phone. I love …

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Chocolate and Video Games Kind Of Day

Rainy days drag. The word "drag" reminds me of racing. Racing reminds me of Forza on Xbox. So that's what I did today; played Forza 4 and enjoyed M&M's. If you like racing games and haven't tried it, you must. Forza 4 is seriously the most realistic racing game that I've ever played. Enjoying it …

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Becoming a Brother P-touch Ambassador Means It’s Time To Clean Out The House

I'm super excited about becoming a Brother P-touch Ambassador. I've been a big fan of Brother word processors for almost two decades, so getting the Brother P-touch PT-H100 was a fun moment for me. There are so many uses for labels that I got a little "trigger happy" with it…just a little.  Our oldest boy became …

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Easy Recipe Idea for Mix-and-Match Meat Sale at Save Mart Supermarket

I love saving money and learning about #Fresh Finds, so I was super stoked to find out about Save Mart Supermarket's awesome meat deals that they always have going on. They have a 5 for $25 deal all of the time, which is when we really stack up on meat. Getting fresh meats that are marked …

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I Seriously Found The Cheapest Wireless Plan There Is

Last month I told you all about a cheap wireless plan that I was trying out through Walmart Family Mobile. In that post, I told you that there would be a follow up post on how I felt about the plan. Well, the time has come to do that. And let me tell you, right from the start, …

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